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After designing and delivering Lean Manufacturing training courses for the World's leading logistics company, the delegate feedback is as follows...........

“It was an excellent course and I look forward to
putting the Bawtry version of the action plan into place”.
Adrian Travis, DHL Co-Pack Bawtry

“Thanks for a very interesting couple of days: I got a lot out of it”.
John Armishaw, DHL Co-Pack Cannock

"I can only echo the other guys’ comments: great course and really good people".
Darren Kelsall, DHL Co-Pack Liverpool
April 24, 2012

"Overall very useful: it will deliver significant cost reduction to the business"
Martin Culvert, DHL Co-Pack Seacroft

"Very informative course that will benefit DHL"
Andy Appleby, DHL Co-Pack Doncaster.
May 9, 2012

"I have worked with Tim for over 2 years and have found him to be probably the best co-worker I have ever had the privilege to be associated with. Tim has a determination and an inner resolve to deliver on time and to specification which is the 'bottom line'; but to merely measure or judge Tim by this would be to miss the point, quality and the essence of him entirely. It is 'how' Tim does this which is his real differentiator and what is so impressive. Tim delivers with and through people; he engages people in the issues, challenges the decision making and facilitates the right outcome - the how in the process. Whilst doing this he has a natural radar to ensure that the correct measures are in place and 'what ifs' are considered and contingencies built in. He is fastidious with detail, which is my achilles heel, which again unearths another quality, that of to recognise gaps and weaknesses and cover them off. Tim was at his absolute best when in the middle of our achieving the Rugby Football Union's Whole Club Seal of Approval - the first club in the county and West Midlands to do so. He led, engaged and drove our delivery which is testament to his approach and character. I cannot recommend Tim highly enough". February 15, 2011

Jeremy Edwards
Stoke-on-Trent RUFC

“I have known Tim for around 5 years now, he hired me as Group Quality Manager at BemroseBooth but have kept in touch since we parted ways. I have always considered Tim a very supportive individual with drive and passion for whatever he turned his mind to. He allowed me the freedom to progress within my role, however always offered support and direction when required.

He possesses a winning blend of skills, but not arrogant in his delivery. A pleasure to have known Tim in a working environment and also to have kept in touch since.

Tim is a man you can trust, with a fair and uncomplicated approach, professional to the end.

You will find working with Tim a pleasure".

David Stevens
Quality Assurance R/A Manager
Fresenius Medical Care, February 13, 2011

David Stevens, Group Quality Manager, BemroseBooth Ltd
reported to Tim at BemroseBooth

"Tim is one of those people who instills confidence in those around him, a team player and has the ability to identify talent. In my opinion Tim was a fantastic manager who supported me throughout the time we worked together and is an inspirational character and any member of his team or any organisation would benefit from what Tim brings to the table". January 27, 2011

Lee Minter (Export Sales Manager at BemroseBooth) reported to Tim at BemroseBooth

“Tim joined BemroseBooth at a time of seismic change across the business and brought his collective skills in change management, operational & shop floor efficiency improvements and lean manufacturing culture to bear on a business very much in need of his attributes. Approaching his often difficult role with sensitivity, skill and humour, Tim's door was always open, and changes were soon evident. While his operational responsibility covered 3 sites and numerous business units, Tim's enthusiasm for the Telecoms operation was a significant factor in enabling much needed capital investment to be released in capacity improvement to support the growth of the unit. As the unit grew, the vertical cliff face demands we encountered to deliver to increasingly tight deadlines were achieved by Tim and his operations team, and as a salesman, I had every confidence in Tim's leadership of this skilled and motivated group to deliver on time, every time.
An easy going, personable man, it was enjoyable working with Tim towards these common goals and we can look back on a rewarding and productive period in the department's timeline with some pride in a job well done.
In closing, Tim's passion for operational excellence is probably only surpassed by his passion for his family, charitable causes and an egg shaped ball.” January 21, 2010

Nigel Page AMIEx, Business Development Manager, Telecoms, BemroseBooth Limited worked indirectly for Tim at BemroseBooth

“I had the pleasure of working with Tim as part of his Senior Management Team. The Company had embarked on a period of change in order to secure it's future and Tim introduced new initiatives which were not always initally welcomed by the workforce, but they soon began to understand as Tim was very much a 'hands on' person who knew the names of all the employees and would take time out of his busy schedule to speak to them individually on a daily basis. He also gave his managers room to grow and develop their individual skills.” September 17, 2009

Phillippa Doble, Human Resources Manager, Carrington Wire Limited
reported to Tim at Carrington Wire Limited

“I have had the benefit of working with Tim for the last 7 years recruiting for his management team as well as helping him with his own career search. Tim has a fantastic reputation and is highly respected not only for the results he has achieved but also the manner in which he conducts business. He has had to make some tough decisions and close plants making redundancies yet managed to do this with integrity and had the understanding of those concerned. Tim has a great positive attitude and is a really good people person with an approachable style. I would recommend Tim highly and so do all the people I know that have worked with him!” June 1, 2009

David Nesbitt, Director, Core Talent Recruitment Limited
was a consultant to Tim at BemroseBooth

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